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Make your next fishing expedition an affair to remember. Charter the High Hopes, a 58 foot sport fishing boat, the finest in the Virginia Beach Fleet. Her Carolina craftsmanship, custom build by the Gary Davis, and twin 735 hp turbo diesels make her safe, fast and comfortable in all seas.

Booking a trip: Fishing trips are booked on a first come, first serve basis. A deposit is required to confirm your booking. the balance is due on the day of the trip. There is one mate who works on board, rigging baits and assisting in boating fish. He works for tips which average 15%-20% of the price of the trip. A fish cleaning service is available at the dock when we return to port. No license required and everything for fishing is supplied. Cash, check or credit card accepted.


What to bring:  Bring sunscreen, shades, and a hat. Most people load up coolers with food and drink. "Huggies" work well on boats for drinks. Canned drinks are better than bottles on a boat. The cabin has two AC/Heater units and is comfortable. Our fishbox has a cold-plate system which cools saltwater to chill our catch. This is second to none in keeping our catch a fresh.




Last modified: 07/23/06